Family Game – Loaded Questions

Posted on 6th January 2012 in Game Time

For Christmas this year I asked for board games. I am not sure why, but this was the year I thought I would expand my board game collection. I was given all the regulars: Yahtzee, Uno, Scene It, Monopoly (KU addition) and last but not least Loaded Questions. I for some reason had never heard of this game until December 25, 2011. But it is a blast. We had some of our friends over to play and we were laughing until the very last second they left. It is a great game that can have 4-6 players….more if you would like.

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Metal Slug

Posted on 6th January 2012 in Game Time

At my office, we got into a discussion about video games and which ones were our favorites. Everyone had different opinions on what fun is. I actually love GTA (Grand Theft Auto) ,  MW3 (Modern Warfare 3) and Mario. One that I found particularly interesting was one that came out back in 1996. Yes, 1996- it’s called Metal Slug.  When I heard the name, I thought it sounded a little weird….BUT….then I did a little research on it and found it to be kinda cool. It looks like a mix between MW3 and Mario and those combined seem like a good time!

The gameplay of the series is characteristic of run and gun games: large numbers of enemies and a player character with extremely powerful weapons. In most run and guns, contact with an enemy leads to annihilation. In this series, however, contact results in the opportunity to perform a melee attack and the opportunity for the enemy to perform a melee attack of his own if he has one. The player’s melee attack is also much stronger than most shots. This leads to the ability for the player to run in and use melee attacks to take down a number of troops, and the ability to quickly defeat enemies that can take plenty of damage like the mummies in Metal Slug 2.

The player starts with only a simple pistol, as the game progresses the player picks up new weapons. The player can only carry one weapon at the time, when a new weapon is found it replaces the old one. Similarly, when the ammo runs out, the player reverts to using the handgun. A new system was implemented with Metal Slug 6 allowing players to carry two larger weapons and switch between them as well as the default pistol.

The SV-001 or Metal Slug is the main vehicle of the Metal Slug franchise. It is a small, cartoonish silver-gray tank (SV is short for “Super Vehicle”). The tank is armed with one cannon and twin vulcan cannons. The vehicle can jump and crouch. Crouching opens a hatch on the top of the tank through which grenades can be thrown. The grenades are independent of the cannon’s ammo system. The vehicle can run over infantry and perform a suicide attack, with the driver jumping clear and the tank ramming into and exploding upon the target. The vehicle can take three direct hits before it is destroyed. The enemy chaser variant has a shield that must be destroyed before the vehicle can be destroyed. It is propelled by caterpillar treads. Over time, these specifications changed into any vehicle armed with a vulcan cannon and a cannon variant suited to the role of the vehicle, and propelled suitably for that vehicle’s environment. In Metal Slug 6(and the home version of Metal Slug X, 3, 4, 5), Tarma can lock the vulcan cannons into one position and fire continuously. The “slug gunner” is considered the epitome of slug evolution.

Check out more about Metal Slug- It has interesting characters and plots!

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Fun Activities for Everyone – Not Your Typical Game

Posted on 4th January 2012 in Game Time

Every time we get together with our friends, we always do the same thing. Either meet up for dinner and drinks, go to a movie or just sit around talking. That can be fun, BUT it gets pretty boring as well. There is only so much you can eat and talk about. I ended up getting online to try and find something to break these repetitive activities.

I know some of you might feel stupid playing these games that I found, but I don’t care, it is fun to act like a kid!

Baby Food Guessing Game - Sample baby food and guess what flavor is in each jar!

Battle of the Sexes - Test each teams’ knowledge of the opposite gender- sports, fashion and more!

Build Tower Game - Great creative group game- See whose team can build the highest tower using newspapers!

Cake Decorating Challenge - Use your decorating skills in this fun activity! Good game for bridal showers and large groups.

Charades - Guess the secret word/phrase using only actions!

Company Slogan and Tagline Game - Test your corporate slogan & tagline knowledge now!

The Dating Game - Fun icebreaker game for groups who know each other well.

Dictionary Game - Try to guess which definition is correct- or be fooled by other teams!

Duct Tape Game - Tape your teammate on a wall using duct tape!

Electricity - Squeeze your teammate’s hand as quickly as possible- only if the coin comes up as heads!

Food Challenge Cook-Off - Great bonding activity for adults. Create a 2-course meal with the secret ingredient.

Halloween Telephone Charades - Funny icebreaker game, especially for larger groups. Easy to learn and play, with little preparation.

Human Knot - As a team, untangle yourselves to form a full circle again.

Interview Game - A great icebreaker game, especially for newcomers.

Jeopardy Powerpoint Template - A free Jeopardy Powerpoint Template, ready to download and edit.

Logo Game - The ultimate logo quiz- Test your logo knowledge now!

Photo Scavenger Hunt - Travel to different places to find the items on the list and take photos.

Purses, Pockets, and Wallets - Quickly search your purses, pockets, and wallets for the called item. Great team game.

For More game ideas ( and trust me, this site has TONS of them) check it out! I can promise you a good time and that everyone will be laughing!

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Online Games

Posted on 4th January 2012 in Game Time

Personally, when I think of games, I usually think of video, computer or board games.  Rarely do I think of online games. But, the great thing about online games is the fact that they are free and you can play just about anything! I know when I was a kid, my favorites were pac-man, snake and tetris- and I had to buy them! Now they are all online-perfect if you ask me! Here are some of my favorite sites to find games to play:


Online games are a great because you are able to interact with others or you can play against yourself.  If ever I have down time like waiting for a flight, slow at work or even bored at home, I always get on my computer and play games. It is so fun!!



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Mel Tucker: Blaine Gabbert “super tough”

Posted on 11th March 2014 in General, News

Despite criticism from the sidelines, Jacksonville Jaguars former coach Mel Tucker stuck by quarterback Blaine Gabbert, calling him “super tough.” The coach, who has since gone on to join the staff of the Chicago Bears, seemed to breed loyalty with his willingness to stick up for the quarterback in the face of criticism. Even as Gabbert was about to be traded, he recently said of the Jaguars: “I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

When reports surfaced that the Jaguars were trading Gabbert to the San Francisco 49ers, this meant the loss of a person Tucker had defended fiercely as head coach. “I see Blaine as being courageous in the pocket,” Tucker famously said in 2011. “I see him as being super-tough.”

Gabbert was the drafted in the first round by the Jaguars, 10th overall in the 2011 draft. The trade would mean the end of three seasons in Florida.  According to, the move to California could turn out to be “a great fit for Gabbert to potentially reshape his career as a useful backup. The No. 10 overall pick in the 2011 draft has mostly looked like an unmitigated disaster as a pro, but he’s joining a great situation behind Colin Kaepernick. This probably spells the end of Colt McCoy‘s time in San Francisco.”

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AMG! Ice Cream! – The Hottest Game On Kickstarter

Posted on 20th September 2013 in Fun Games, Games, Indie Stuff

Crowd funding truly is a great resource for aspiring game makers. Not only do sites like Kickstarter help designers raise money for new games, they also help bring the games to a wider audience.

AMG! Ice Cream! will be ready to play any day now, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

AMG services the Kickstarter community just as much as Kickstarter helps out game makers. One of the things that keeps crowd funding sites working is the availability of high quality projects that are worth funding. AMG fills some vital needs that crowd funding communities have. First, AMG it is easy to see that AMG is a high quality product, and not vaporware or an empty promise… funds raised for AMG Ice Cream will go directly to production of a well developed concept. Second, AMG gives fund raisers something fun to donate to. It’s important for crowd funding sites to have a wide range of projects to insure that everyone can find something that attracts their interest.

AMG Ice Cream is a game that everyone can enjoy, from children to adults. The card game is full of fun characters and has simple game play mechanics. One of the really great things about AMG, besides the fun and simplicity, is that any number of players can join in, and you can play for pretty much as long as you like.

The artwork for AMG! Ice Cream! is cute and endearing. The anthropomorphic ice cream scoops have lots of personality and convey their roles in the game through imaginative expressions.

AMG services gamers and fund raisers with a surefire project that is fun and accessible. We definitely recommend you get your hands on a deck of AMG Ice Cream cards as soon as you can!

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Head Coach Scott Tucker Guides Limestone Saints to a Record Breaking Lacrosse Season

Posted on 20th June 2013 in General, Sports

A good head coach can make all the difference to a team’s performance. The coach instills drive, determination and commitment throughout the team, and helps to develop young talent by pushing individuals to give their very best performance.

While top division coaches invariably receive the most praise and pick up the most impressive silverware, spare a thought for the coaches of lower division teams. These people identify and nurture young sporting talent, build character in players, hone skills and play a pivotal role in creating the nation’s great sporting heroes.

Scott Tucker is one of South Carolina’s leading lacrosse coaches. Tucker has been head coach for the Limestone College Saints for 12 years, and has built an impressive team through hard work and commitment, helping to raise the standard of lacrosse in South Carolina.

This season he coached the Limestone Saints to a record breaking 20-2 season, and took the women’s lacrosse team to the NCAA Division II Final Four; adding to an impressive tally of Conference Carolinas season wins and tournament titles. The strong performance of the team this season raised his win total to 179, allowing him to reach his career 200 win milestone; the first time a Saints lacrosse team coach has reached this impressive tally of victories while at the club.

Scott Tucker has overseen a transformation in the team, and has helped individuals get the most out of their games. One such talent developed at Limestone College is junior attack starlet Sarah Oor, who this season smashed numerous club records and claimed the top spot in the college’s all time individual performance table.

Oor enjoyed an outstanding season, surpassing the achievements of the college’s previous top female lacrosse players.  Oor become only the second lacrosse player to have scored over 100 points in a single season in over 40 years men’s and women’s lacrosse at the college, while also recording the best single season assist total for the team.

After this season’s impressive performance, Scott Tucker’s Saint’s team are certainly the team to beat next season, but with the coach only requiring 21 wins to reach a record 200-win team record and a wealth of talent in the team, beating the saint’s is going to be tough.

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