AMG Services Entertainment Releases New Interactive Children’s Game

Posted on 9th May 2014 in Games

Coming out of a temporary hiatus, AMG Services has finally releases their new hybrid computer/board game entitled: Charm Hunter.

“This game can be played using only the board version, or enhanced by adding the interactive online add-ons,” says Gretchen Hitchens game designer at AMG Services Entertainment. “What’s really neat about this system is that we are constantly getting new video and animated footage from us here and from actual players of the game. These files are then updated to the add-ons regularly and anyone that has purchased the add-ons gets all future updates free.”

Hitchens also tells how parents have been very excited not only to see their kids having fun, but getting into the fun themselves. “We’ve had parents in our test groups come up to us saying they’ve never had as much fun playing a game with their child before.  That’s part of what we were trying to accomplish with this game and why it took such a long time to get out there. There are a million games that you can play with younger children, but most of the time the game itself is incredibly boring for the adults and older kids involved.”

By bridging the age gap AMG has made a big step forward for the gamily gaming community. And with game play varying by player choices and add-ons being updated at least every quarter a new game is guaranteed a every time. AMG Services Entertainment’s new interactive game Charm Hunter is due out in July of this year.

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